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Google 5G

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Google Is Trying to Beam 5G Internet From Drones

Forget 4G, Google is already setting its sights on 5G in a secretive project to deliver wireless Internet from drones.

The Guardian's Mark Harris exclusively reports that the tech behemoth has been covertly testing prototype solar-powered aircraft designed to "deliver high-speed internet from the air."

Dubbed Project SkyBender, the project reportedly utilizes high-frequency millimeter wave technology, which is said to transmit gigabits of data per second at speeds that dwarf current 4G technology.

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SkyBender is based out of Spaceport America, the same New Mexico facility built to support Virgin Galactic's spaceflight initiative.

While Google has yet to publicly acknowledge its involvement in the project, SkyBender is said to be a product of Google Access, the team responsible for Google's Project Loon. A partnership with the Sri Lankan government, Project Loon will provide wireless Internet access across remote areas of Sri Lanka via a network of balloons in the stratosphere.
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